Directory Entry Form


Welcome to the directory entry form. This is the new alternative to the previous account creation process. Instead of creating an account and managing yet another username and password, you can follow a simple three-step process:

  1. Fill out this form and it will generate RDF for you.
  2. Publish the RDF to the Web.
  3. Submit the link here on

Once the link to the page has been submitted, pending administrator validation and review of your submission, your entry will be created and can be updated by simply updating the document you have published.

* denotes a required field. Contacts, Products/Services/Projects and Organizational Units require at a minimum the "name" field be filled out. If it is left empty, that resource will not be listed in the output. The address field requires that "street address", "city", and "country" be filled out to create an address entry.



Organizational Units





RDF Output

After hitting submit, the RDF version of your directory entry will appear in the text area below. A "Download" link will also appear where you can download the results as a file. This is the data you or your webmaster will need to publish out on the Web for the directory entry to succeed. Make sure that file permissions allow third-party users read access to the file.

Raw Output

Download File