The Directory contains a listing of organizations creating and/or publishing data on the Web. The Directory is open and does not require W3C affiliation.   The Directory has recently been restructured to be more "Web-like" and serves as an aggregator of Linked Data published on the Web.  Add your organization's information to the Directory by following these easy steps.

Flow Diagram

Steps to Add Organization

Step #1 - Create an entry which generates RDF for your organization.

Step #2 - Download the file and publish it on the Web.  

Step #3 - Submit the URL of the file containing your organization's listing.  

Step #4 - The Directory retrieves and publishes your organization's entry.

See the Directory Listing and Statistics to view existing entries.

Disclaimer: The W3C has not performed any evaluation and does express any judgement about the information provided. If any material in the Directory is contested, the W3C may decide to cite and quote third-party refutations.